srijeda, 11. siječnja 2017.

Big NIvea Haul

Hello my dear reader!

I am writting after a long time, you know how it goes. Work, life, and days just go to fast. But here I am, writting.

Here is  Nivea haul, last two days I bought huge amount of Nivea products. I don't know why, but I'm only a girl.

Let's start.

Glucks momente

This cute package comes in metal box in blue color, it contains 4 products. I didn't tried them, so I can't say are the products good or not.

Nivea gift box

This beautiful white bag is so beautiful, and inside it has white dots on blue fabric. What can I say, Love at first sight.
It is waiting me for testing :)

Nivea random products

These products are also waiting to be tested, so, there are a lot of products for me to test :)

If you have tried any of these products, please comment and tell me are they good :)

That is all for now :)

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