nedjelja, 22. siječnja 2017.


In today's post I'm going to write about product I bought recently. 

Why I'm writing so soon? Well this product is for women over 60 years old, and I am 26. But this is serum that makes your skin soft and smooth. It is perfect "food" for your skin especially if it is dry. 

It is very luxury, box is classy and simple. Bottle is made from glass and it comes with pipette that is easy to use. Serum has innovative formula of collagen substances and moisturisers like Pro-calcium, golden honey and peptides.

 Serum is more like water but it makes you skin so soft and nourished. It is easily applied and with mild smell.

They say that you should use serum once a day, but for a better result they recommend to use it twice a day. I have noticed that it is better when you massage it in to the skin. 

Before applying serum, I clean my skin, to prepare it. Usually after I apply serum I put on my regular creme and that is it. 

Happy skin :)

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