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Empties #3 + short reviews

Hello people! :)

Here is a new post about my emptie products. I've moved to Germany, and I live with three friends and there will be some products that they have used.

So let's begin!

On this picture you can see package of products that will be in my new in post :)

First on left toothpaste Dontodent is a Dm brand, it's ok paste but it is not for sensitive teeth. Pain is still present when I try to drink cold water, but it cleans teeth and refreshes them.

Second toothpaste Vademecum Sensitive is ok, but also not for sensitive teeth. The protection of teeth against cold is minimal, it does everything that ordinary toothpaste would do but again it is not for sensitive teeth like my are.

Third toothepaste is wonderful. Colgate Sensitive is for sensitive teeth and protect's them. Teeth are protected and it doesn't have strong flavor. For me this paste is my number one, price is litlle bit higher but no pain experience is beautiful. I recommend this toothpaste if you have sensitive teeth.

Last toothpaste is all purpose, and it's brand of Muller. My roommates used it and they were satasfied. Cleans teeths and keeps your breath fresh.

Garnier Protection 5

I haven't used does but my roommates said that they loved the smell and duration of protection but antiperspirant did leave white marks on clothes, so that is a huge minus.

Dove Men  +Care

Ma brother loves these body and face wash gels, smell is super and it is sensitive for skin. He also has dandruff and this gel has calming effect on his scalp, so the dandruff is gone. Dove is his number one.

Balea Men

Classic men gel, has super smell and it cleans skin. Cheap and effective.

Nivea Men

Also good gel and with strong smell, sensitive to skin. I have to say that men product have nicer and stronger smells that products made for women.

Schauma Anti-dandruff shampoo

This is the best shampoo that I used. My roommate Maria and I bought this shampoo try it and we were amazed. It didin't take off dandruff but smell of hair and shine was great. Cheap shampoo for excellent results.

Aveo Candy Crush waschgel

This is the sweetest gel ever. Smells like cupcakes :) , it drys skin but it makes it clean, that is the mais purpose of washing gel.

BabyLove Waschgel - But with another shampoo inside

Shampoo was Gliss Kur keratin complex, this shampoo had great smell, but it made my hair heavier and it didin't clean hair. So I'm not going to buy it again.

Babylove review here

That's all :)

To je sve :)

What are your emptie products?
Koji su vaši prazni proizvodi?

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