utorak, 29. ožujka 2016.

[Review] Oriflame Giordani Gold Original parfume


After long time I'm writting again. Today I'm going to present to you Giordani Gold Original parfum by Oriflame.

This perfume is part of Oriflame luxury line Giordani Gold.

At first smell of perfume is warm and strong, with strong scent of orange blossom. Duration of perfume is excellent, and you can wear it all day without fixing it.

My personal opinion is that this perfume is not for young girls, because it is heavy, strong and you have to know how to wear it. It's one of those perfumes that have character.
Excellent perfume for every day, and you can be sure that you are going to be noticed and remembered.

It comes in gold box and glass bottle (50ml).

Thanks for reading :)

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