subota, 16. travnja 2016.

Spring Skin Care

Hello my dear reader!

"Today I have prepared a post about my spring skincare. I was inspired by Dollar Shave Club and our shared passion for the importance of healthy, happy skin this spring!"

First and the most important thing is hydration. In order to have beautiful skin you have to hydrate skin.

Our skin is reflection of our care and our lifestyle. What we do today is base how we will look tomorrow.

My care:

Step 1: If I have makeup on my face, first I remove it, then I take a shower where I clean all my skin with peeling (for face and body).

Step 2: After cleaning is time to nourish the skin, I use body butter because better nourishes skin and nicely absorbs into the skin. For face I use facial creme with Q10 for night, because cremes for night are more nourishing for skin.

Step 3: Massage your face and body gently in a circular motion, in order to cream and butter are better absorbed in to the skin.

Step 4: When I wake up I usually with my first cop of coffe put makeup on my face. First I apply some light day creme and after 10 minutes I apply makeup.

These 4 litlle steps are my base to better skin. My skin is soft and gentle. You know all those boring pimples especially in PMS, well, when you clean your skin on daily bases and nourish it, the pimples are gone and they don't even come, from time to time you can get one or two but they are small and gone fast.

I hope I helpd you with my tips, and I hope you all have happy skin :)

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