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Review of Facial Cleansing Brush - Rossmann - For your beauty


Here is a review of Rossmann's For your beauty facial Cleansing Brush.

It is very cheap product ( price is less than 2€ ) and I have to say that is great.

Brush comes in simple carton-plastic packaging, and has practical plastic cover that protects brush from dirt.

The brush it self is very gentle to your face, but it does excellente job cleaning face and face peeling.
Put your  favourite face gel, peeling or some product you use on brush and make circural movements on face than rinse your face and apply some facial creme.

Hairs in brush are easy to maintain because they are white and you can see when brush is clean or dirty. I just put little soap on it and rub it a little, put it in water and brush is clean.

Very easy to use and maintain with excellente price, grade 5/5.

What is your opinion? 

Did you use it?

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