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Limited edition "Travel De Luxe" by CATRICE

Hello :)

In this post I will present to you LE "Travel De Luxe" by Catrice. It will be avaiable in stores in June 2015.

This LE will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Belarus, Russia, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Chile, Jordan, Yemen.

So let's begin :)

Travel De Luxe by CATRICE – Travel Set

Beautiful Setting. This practical Travel Set is the ideal travel companion. It unites seven must-haves for a gorgeous summer look, including a highlighting powder and blush for fresh accents on your face as well as a matt bronzer for a sun-kissed complexion. Two powder eyeshadows with a subtle shimmer in apricot and light blue as well as an anthracite eyeliner pencil and a highlighting pen guarantee a radiant and expressive eye make-up look.

Travel De Luxe by CATRICE – Caring Lip Balm
Kiss the Sun. The Caring Lip Balm is a nourishing product that pampers the particularly sensitive skin around your lips and contains an SPF of 20. At the same time, it offers a subtle colour-dispersion in a soft apricot shade – for a natural finish.

Travel De Luxe by CATRICE – Refreshing Mist Body Spray
Bonjour à la Mer. With the Refreshing Mist Body Spray, you can keep cool no matter how hot it is. The refreshing body spray is distributed evenly thanks to the practical pump dispenser, and it has the pleasant fragrance of a bouquet of tropical flowers, too.

Travel De Luxe by CATRICE – Nail Lacquer
Nail Resort. Four summery colours with subtle shimmer effects and a high coverage provide your nails with a fashionable maritime look. Soft blue-grey and pristine white are true jetsetters, nautical blue with a delicate shimmer is reminiscent of the sun’s rays sparkling on the ocean and soft apricot offers a fresh touch full of feminine nonchalance. Available in C01 Isle of White, C02 Grey Country, C03 Apricot Lane and C04 Port Blue.

Travel De Luxe by CATRICE – Cosmetic Bag
Travel in Style. Never go on vacation without the most important beauty must-haves. The stylish Cosmetic Bag is ideal for keeping everything in one place in your XXL beach bag. The wavy design incorporates the colours of the season and invites you to daydream.

I like this cosmetic bag, it is so cute :)

I'm sad because this LE won't be avaiable in Croatia, but if you are from any of the countries where it is going to be avaiable, you will enjoy it.

What is your favorite product from rhis cute "Travel De Luxe" edition?

Till next post :*

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