srijeda, 3. prosinca 2014.

Oriflame mini New in


This is a short post about two little things that I ordered from Oriflame.

First is Essentials Lip balm with macadamia nut oil and second

Essential nourishing face cream with multi-vitamin complex & macadamia nut oil.

At first they smell so mild and purified, I just love it.

These are new product and they are not available in UK and other countries,

But they are available in Croatia.


Evo mali post o mini novostima tj. proizvodima koje sam naručila iz Oriflamea.
Gore se nalaze linkovi na navedene proizvode.
A proizvodi su:
Essentials balzam za usne s uljem australskog oraha
Essentials hranjiva krema za lice.


Have you tried them?

Jeste li ih probale?